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TX CAN is gathering ideas, strategies, and examples of successful instruction. We are building the Lifeline Library to showcases ways that individual teachers or schools have overcome barriers to provide instructional continuity and offers take away tools and materials that schools can use to better serve students during remote instruction.


Please submit instructional strategies and/or original artifacts of things you and your colleagues have created and have been using to provide rigorous quality instruction to your students with the most complex access needs during remote learning. Educators submitting the first 40 ideas chosen to be included in the Lifeline Library will earn a bin of materials to support remote instruction. Remote Instruction Bins include: 5 section lunch tray, plastic egg storage container, steel cookie pan, measuring cups/spoons, digital timer, mixed glass gems, flyswatter, letterboard, balloons, animal bath puppet, animal erasers, die cut letters and numbers, dry erase board, dry erase foam block, flashcards, workbook, playing cards, dice, flying disc, activity dough, sidewalk chalk, books, clothespins, and much more!

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Example Submissions

Below are samples of the types of submissions we are looking for to fill our library with original, innovative, and creative ways to provide rigorous quality instruction during remote learning.  Submit your ideas today!


Activities of Daily Living Choice Board

Submitted by Jennifer Luther

Many of our families with students who need to work on Activities of Daily Living were struggling getting their child to do these things daily while at home. I created a choice board of different activities and made visuals to help support these skills while students are working virtually. The families were encouraged to snap a photo of the child completing the activity, or recording a video of them completing a skill so that the teacher could possibly collect some data on these important skills.

Choice Board Screen Shot. PDF Document linked below

Download Choice Board 


LifeSkills Vocabulary Journal

Submitted by Cindy Delcambre

For students with functional vocabulary goals, this was a way to continue developing their vocabulary while in the home environment. I used google slides to introduce a common household item that the student would likely recognize and have in their home. On each slide, I introduced the word, showed two pictures of the item (one real picture and one clip art picture), and had the student talk about what room in the house you would see it and what it was used for. Lastly, from the oral language, I would scribe a sentence given by the student showing their understanding of the word. Each slide would become a vocabulary card that could be saved or printed to make a personal vocabulary journal. 

Mixer Slide Screenshot
Hammer Slide Screenshot
Gumball Machine Slide Screenshot
Toothbrush Slide Screenshot
Coffee Cup Slide Screenshot

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