Educational researchers and leaders in the field are collaborating with the Texas Education Agency to develop timely, meaningful, appropriate, and high-quality resources to guide educators and families in supporting students with significant cognitive disabilities. 

Document Library

Collection of helpful resources to support the education of students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Inclusionary Coaching Guide

This resource offers guidance for leading a team towards inclusive education for students with significant cognitive disabilities and complex access needs. 

Monthly Instructional Guides

From August to May, you will find helpful tips, reminders, and strategies to improve your practice.

Assessment & Instructional Resources

Identify appropriate assessment protocols and instructional curriculum supports.

Remote Learning Guidance

Identify ways you can continue to provide supports to students with complex needs during at home learning.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

Promoting an integrated delivery of services for students who have experienced a TBI/concussion.

Research Summaries

This resource summarizes current research and provides action Items for educators.