Texas Complex Access Network

Creating a new paradigm of acceptance and potential for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Two female students smiling on a jungle gym. One student has down syndrome.

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We are dedicated to raising awareness of the limitless potential of students with significant cognitive disabilities. It’s all about presuming competence and finding the most appropriate supports to provide connection, access, and increased opportunities.

Our mission is to put effective, evidence-based tools and strategies into the hands of teachers, and families, to help them on their journey.


Educational researchers and leaders in the field are collaborating with the Texas Education Agency to develop timely, meaningful, appropriate, and high-quality resources to guide educators and families in supporting students with significant cognitive disabilities. 

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Three male students standing together and smiling. One student has down syndrome
Child with down syndrome playing guitar, fellow student and teacher are watching and smiling in the background

Online Courses

Free online courses focusing on strategies and tools needed to provide meaningful instruction and experiences for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

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Our video library contains content for families, administrators, and educators of students with complex access needs. 

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